Adaptive Life Functioning Inventory Study (ALFI)

An exciting new online questionnaire study for young people is here! Researchers in the ALFI study have worked together with young people and their families to change a questionnaire, currently used with adults, to think about young people’s daily living activities.

To date, there are no validated outcome measures exploring Adaptive Functioning in young people aged 16-25 years. The aim is to examine the psychometric properties of the newly developed "ALFI" measure in a sample of typically developing young people aged 16-25 years, to more accurately measure adaptive functioning in this population.

Newcastle University are about to launch this exciting new online questionnaire study in collaboration with researchers from Sunderland, Northumbria, and Durham University.

Who can take part?

  • Male and female
  • Aged 16-25 years
  • No current/previous diagnosis of mental health, neurodevelopmental, neurodegenerative, and/or physical health conditions

For more information about the study, click here or contact the research team: