About us

The Northern Centre for Mood Disorders (NCMD) brings together those who are interested in advancing treatment and care in conditions such as depressive illnesses and bipolar disorders. Under the umbrella of NCMD clinicians and academics work together with those affected by mood disorders to conduct research and develop new treatment approaches. NCMD also hosts public engagement events to raise awareness of mood disorders. Experts from the centre are also active in developing a wide range of educational materials and in hosting regular educational events

Executive Committee

This includes all of the Principle Investigators listed below as well as:

  • Stephen Barton - Consultant Clinical Psychologist with the Regional Affective Disorders Team
  • Sam Bulmer - Community Practitioner with the Regional Affective Disorders Team
  • Jennifer Burgess - Higher Trainee in Psychiatry
  • Guy Emery - Clinical Research Delivery Manager
  • Victoria Wing - Academic Clinical Fellow in General Adult Psychiatry
  • Keira Ekpo-Daniels - Placement student at the Regional Affective Disorders Service, studying at Newcastle University
  • Ellie Parkman - Placement student at the Regional Affective Disorders Service, studying at Newcastle University

    Principle Investigators:

    Aditya Sharma

    I am a Clinical Academic Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist.

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    Adrian Lloyd

    I am a NHS clinical consultant.

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    Hamish McAllister-Williams

    I am a clinical academic general adult Psychiatrist with a specific interest in mood disorders.

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    Peter Gallagher

    My main research interests are applied and experimental neuropsychology, specifically neuropsychological impairment in psychiatric illness and its biological underpinnings.

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    Stuart Watson

    I am a Clinical Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University and Consultant Psychiatrist in inpatient services care with the NTW Foundation NHS Trust.

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    David Cousins

    Clinical Senior Lecturer, Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist and Director, Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre

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    Iain McKinnon

    Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

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