World Mental Health Day 2021

World mental health day

World Mental Health Day is recognised by the World Health Organisation as being on the 10th October every year and dates back to 1992. It began with the aim of increasing awareness and education of mental health disorders. Since 1994 there has been an annual theme with the aim of focusing on particular facet of mental health each year. This year’s theme is Mental Health in an Unequal World. It aims to focus on global economic polarisation and the consequent difference in access to mental health services. It has been shown that between 75-95% of people living in low and middle income countries who are suffering with mental health disorders are unable to access mental health services[i].

The importance of equal mental health care for all is greater than ever due to the emotional struggle that the pandemic has created for many people all over the world. This mental health day should be used as a reminder to check up on our loved ones and make sure that they are coping well. If you struggle with your mental health or know somebody who is struggling with their mental health, there are loads of useful resources which can be found on the Northern Mental Health Support Website.

World Mental Health Day is also a great opportunity to read up on some of the new and exciting research which is being carried out into mental health treatment. At NCMD, we conduct research into treatments for difficult-to-treat mood disorders to ensure that people who aren’t responding well to typical treatments have other options; you can read more about our current research here. In addition, NCMD host public educational events with the aim to break down stigma and increase awareness and understanding of mood disorders as well as facilitating participation in research.

If you’d like to support the work which we do, Out Of the Blues is a charity set up to support the research carried out at NCMD. There is currently a fundraiser which you can donate to where NCMD's Academic Lead – Professor Hamish McAllister-Williams is cycling up all three routes of Mont Ventoux in a single day.

[i] Merlo, M. (2021, March 19). 2021 World Mental Health Global Awareness Campaign – World Mental Health Day Theme. World Federation for Mental Health.