Psilocybin Study

From the psychedelic 60’s comes a potential treatment that may provide respite for patients not responding to conventional antidepressants. After a long pause of research into psychedelic compounds, the last twenty years have seen a resurgence of interest into their potential therapeutic properties, given their unique effect on consciousness and the brain.

Preliminary clinical trials investigating psilocybin (the ‘magic’ in ‘magic mushrooms’) for treatment of depression have shown promising results. Patients suffering from long standing symptoms have shown improvement after one or two doses of psilocybin that was sustained for up to six months, sometimes without the need for further antidepressant medication. These trials have paved the way for a larger randomised controlled trial that is currently underway. Newcastle is one of three UK sites of this multi-centred worldwide clinical trial investigating psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression. The study is sponsored by COMPASS.

Presentation by James Rucker in London in September 2018: ‘Back to the Future Psilocybin Trialsin Treatment Resistant Depression in the UK’.

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