The road to Ventoux - Part 7

Hamish knee surgery

Apologies for the rather unpleasant photograph! Since my last blog, I have not done a lot of training. This is because I have ended up having surgery on my knee. This involved an arthroscope being inserted into my knee under general anaesthetic and part of my cartilage being removed. It was a pretty quick operation and there were just two small scars, one on each side of my knee. I have recovered pretty quickly, being able to walk with minimal pain within a day. The surgeon was very bullish about me being able to return to static cycling, saying I could do this within 3 days of the operation! However, I chickened out and waited 5. So far, I have done three or four short rides. Unfortunately trying to cycle up any sort of incline, certainly early on in a ride, is pretty sore. As a result I have backed off a little – it is only two weeks since the operation today. Fingers crossed that I will be back in full training within the next couple, especially since I am supposed to be riding 100K or 100 miles in Newark on April 5th.

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