The Road to Ventoux - Part 33

Road to Ventoux Part 33

D-Day: Top of climb 2….

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All three of us, Mary, Richard and I, were all mightily glad when we finally reached the summit after climb 2. Not only were we greeted by the support team of Alison, Ailidh and Adam, but also by Viv and Nicol who had also made it to the top from Bedoin. There were hoards of other cyclist there as well – some looking distinctly the worse for wear!

It was the same routine again, change top to a long sleeve jersey, have something to eat and start the descent to Sault. At Chalet Reynard, I was joined by Sasha. The descent to Sault is an absolute joy! It averages just 4-5% so you hands don’t get so sore holding onto the breaks for dear life, as they do down the other two descents. There are also few really sharp bends, so you can sweep round them maintaining pace. As you come out of the forest at the bottom, you pass through lavender fields, just not quite in bloom. The only down side of the “descent” is that the last km or so is up hill into the village of Sault, where we met the trusty support team!

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Hamish McAllister-Williams