The Road to Ventoux - Part 31

Road to Ventoux Part 31

D-Day: start of the second climb….

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In Malaucene, Mary and I met up with the support team, plus Richard and Sasha, who did the last 1-2km of descent with us. We stopped and got something to eat and drink and I changed my top again, back to a short sleeved one. I don’t think anybody noticed, but this was a Le Col Haute Route Ventoux top. I felt I could not wear this until I had climbed the mountain at least once.

Malaucene, like Bedoin, is an absolute cycling mecca, with loads of bike rental and shops, with cyclists buzzing all around the place. Mary decided to carry on and do the second climb with myself and Richard. We set off about 10:30, with loads of other cyclists, the peak starting times for those just cycling up the mountain once being 8:30-10:30 before it gets too hot.

We were all smiles before we left……..

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Hamish McAllister-Williams

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