The road to Ventoux - Part 2

Trec Domane

Well, the main news this week is that I had a bike fitting on Saturday and today order my first road bike!

The fitting was done at Physiohaüs in Jesmond by John Dennis on the recommendation of a colleague. John is Physiotherapist who has worked with many elite sports people and pro-cycling teams. He is an expert in cycling biomechanics. The bike fitting involved sitting on a frame that had the various components of a bike – saddle, peddles, handlebars – on posts that could be moved in two dimensions to fit me. I then had sensors stuck onto both sides of my body and I had to peddle away. Data was captured by the sensors describing my biomechanics and, for example, the angle of my back given the set up of the frame. From this John was able to work out what size of bike would be best for me. He went on line and looked a the specifications of a number of bikes and ended up recommending a Trec Domane. Armed with this information I have now placed an order for said bike, which will hopefully arrive in the next two weeks. Now I just need peddles, shoes, helmet, gloves, shorts, turbo trainer (so I can train through this winter) and a 101 other “essentials”!

Here’s looking forward to my new bike so that I can give up training on my old static exercise bike. I know which looks nicer!!

Hamish McAllister-Williams