Systematic Review: Low-Dose Lithium Interventions

Low dose lithium paper

Lithium is increasingly recognised to have benefits for a number of neuropsychiatric conditions, but there are concerns about the adverse effects of typical ‘therapeutic’ doses. Benefits have been reported for ‘sub-therapeutic’ doses but these had not been reviewed. We sought all studies reporting the effects of low-dose lithium on neuropsychiatric health. Significant benefits (versus placebo) were identified for attenuating cognitive decline, and potentially as adjunctive therapy for people with mood disorders. Across studies, low-dose lithium was reported to be safe. Though evidence is limited, these results open promising avenues in neurodegeneration and should stimulate discussion about optimal doses for augmentation in affective disorders.

To read the full paper go to Identifying the neuropsychiatric health effects of low-dose lithium interventions: A systematic review - ScienceDirect