Pathfinder Fellow reviews recent important paper regarding the impact of postpartum depression

Elle clarke

Postnatal depression, that is depression after giving birth, is common with around 10% of women suffering from this after childbirth. Often the depression can be relatively mild. However some women can suffer serious prolonged and/or severe episodes of depression. It might be assumed that this would have a negative impact on the mother's offspring. To date there is little data providing any evidence about this. However, a recent paper analysing data from the Bristol area has recently been published.

Elle Clarke is a medical student at Newcastle University who is currently doing a Masters in Research. She has recently been awarded a prestigious Pathfinder Fellowship by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Only 10 such Fellowships are awarded each year across the UK to Medical Students are have an interest in Psychiatry and are interested in pursuing a career in the discipline. They are selected on the basis of the work they have done related to Psychiatry over and above that required for their medical training. They are the potential Clinical Academic Psychiatrists of the future.

Read Elle's review of the paper reporting the impact of postpartum depression on mothers and their offspring here.