NEESAMA TARA webinar (08.02.23)


8th February 2023

This is part one of a pair of events that focuses on depression, its treatment and related factors.

Each consists of three presentations with a short panel discussion at the end. All the presenters work in Newcastle in the UK, with the University and/or the health care trust. Five of the presenters are psychiatrists (either senior trainees or consultants) and the sixth is a medical student.

In this first session, Tiago will discuss vagus nerve stimulation. He might talk about the evidence, about an ongoing study, about his experience managing a cohort of patients who have a VNS insitu and/or about his research with non-invasive, external, vagus nerve stimulators. Duncan will talk about ECT- giving a UK practice focus perhaps. Mourad is our expert on mushrooms and psychostimulants.