How to scan and send a document using an iPhone/iPad

There are a couple ways you can scan and send your document using your iPhone.

Scan and send using your notes

How to scan a document:

  1. Open the notes app and select the bottom right icon to create a new note.
  2. Now tap the Camera icon and then tap "scan documents".
  3. Then using the camera take a picture of the document (If your device is in Auto mode then your document will automatically scan).
  4. If you need to scan more than one page then repeat step three to take additional scans. when you are finished scanning then tap "save" in the bottom right hand of the screen.

How to send your scanned document:

  1. Now that you have your scan you can now tap the “…” icon in the top right hand side of your screen.
  2. Then select the “send a copy” option and select the mail icon.
  3. This will open your email and you can now enter as the address you would like to send this to. Press send and you have successfully sent off your form.

Scan and send using an outlook email app

  1. Open your outlook email app and tap the icon to compose a new email.
  2. Then tap the camera icon and this will open up your camera. Once opened tap the “document” option along the bottom of your screen.
  3. Now hover your camera over your document (using the blue outline as a guide) and press the white circle icon to capture your document
  4. You will then have the option to adjust your scan or you can select cancel to retake. Once you are happy with your scan, tap confirm. If you wish to add another scan then select the add option in the bottom left.
  5. Once you are happy that you have scanned all you documents, then select the done option and this will then appear attached to you email and ready to send.

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