What is the misuse of drugs act?

In the UK an act of parliament restricting the use of dangerous drugs. These controlled drugs are divided into 3 classes. Class A are thought to be the most harmful when misused. There are class B and Class C drugs which are argued to be increasingly less harmful. There is however, a great deal of controversy about how certain drugs are classified. There are certain requirements in the act about how prescriptions for these drugs are written and how the drugs are stored. The main purpose of the Act is to-prevent-the misuse of controlled drugs by imposing a complete ban on the possession, supply, manufacture, import and export of controlled drugs- except as allowed by regulations or by licence from the secretary of state. Some drugs in category A are being considered for psychiatric use. It is very important to know the abuse and dependence risks of these drugs that are being developed and the steps required to minimise these risks.

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