CPD Event - First NCMD Annual Mood Disorders Meeting - 13th November 2015

Title: 'First NCMD Annual Mood Disorders Meeting'
Date: Friday, 13th November 2015
Time: 9:00 - 16:15
Venue: MetroCentre Marriott Hotel, Gateshead

The NCMD is an exciting new joint venture a between NTW NHS Foundation Trust and Newcastle University which aims to improve clinical care in depression and bipolar disorder through research.

On the 13th of November NCDM hosted a highly successful one day conference with the title of 'Mood Disorders: New Directions'. The meeting brought together leading clinicians and academics and was attended by over 100 delegates.  The event was hosted by NCMD’s Academic Lead Dr Hamish McAllister-Williams who also heads the Regional Affective Disorders Service (RADS) within NTW.

The guest speaker from Copenhagen was Dr Kamilla Miskowiak, who presented her ground-breaking research describing the importance of cognitive symptoms in mood disorders with some important implications for clinical practice.

Hamish presented a scholarly overview of latest guidelines on depression and his consultant colleague Dr David Cousins reviewed the treatment of bipolar disorder. Leading academics from Newcastle University, Andy Bradley and Peter Gallagher, presented their team’s research on sleep and cognition in mood disorders and generated much interest and debate whilst Dr Chris Smart from RADS reported on the importance of early life adversity in depression. The event concluded with a lively panel discussion involving speakers and delegates.

The event highlighted the benefits of academic and clinical collaboration and it is hoped that the NCMD will foster and develop these collaborations for the benefit of all. The next important NCDM event is a public engagement meeting open to all on December 2nd 2015.

See below for links to presentations:

'What is The Northern Centre for Mood Disorders (NCMD)?' by Professor Hamish McAllister Williams

'Measuring cognitive in clinical practice - challenges and new tools' by Dr Kamila Miskowiak

'Understanding brintellix (vortioxentine) in depression' by Professor Hamish McAllister Williams

'Are sleep and circadian rhythm associated with cognitive function in bipolar disorder?' by Andrew Bradley

'Cognition in mood disorders' by Dr Peter Gallagher

'Early adversity in depression' by Chris Smart

'Mood disorders: new directions' by Professor Hamish McAllister Williams