Report and Slides from the Management of Depression: Guidelines and Beyond Meeting - 17th September 2018

The PAX-BD Launch meeting was held on 17th September at the Hallam Conference Centre, London W1.  It was attended by over 60 clinical and academic Psychiatrists.  In addition to introducing delegates to the  PAX-BD study, there were a range of lectures related to the management of both unipolar and bipolar depression as well as a range of studies currently running, or shortly due to start, in the UK.  Slides from the various talks are available to view.

Links to slides's from the meeting:

Matthew Hotopf:  'The Translational Research Collaborative for Mental Health'

Andrea Cipriani'Evidence based treatment for unipolar depression'

John Geddes: 'The Next Generation of UK Trials: PAX-BD - Pro-dopaminergic therapy in treatment resistant depression'

Hamish McAllister-Williams:'Bipolar depression guidelines and the PAX-BD study'

The PAX-BD Study Team: 'Randomised placebo-controlled train of pramipexole addition to mood stabilisers for treatment-resistant bipolar depression (PAX-BD)'

James Rucker: 'Back to the Future: Psilocybin Trials in Treatment Resistant Depression in the UK'

Ed Bullmore: 'Treating the Inflamed Mind'

Hamish McAllister-Williams: 'VNS and Restore Life'