Public Engagement Event - Review

Public Engagement Event - Review

Public Meeting for the
Northern Centre for Mood Disorders (NCMD)


Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder -

A national and local perspective

Barbour Room, The Sage, Gateshead


A public engagement event was hosted by The Northern Centre for Mood Disorders (NCMD) at The Sage in Gateshead. Professor Mike Crawford began the conference with an introduction to personality disorders, explaining the nature of personality disorders and current treatment plans for those affected. Dr Stuart Mitchell and Nicola Armstrong, representing the NTW NHS Foundation Trust, described the services available in the region; offering personal insight into the positive experiences of service users following the implementation of local care pathways. The event was well attended by professionals in the field and members of the general public, who became very engaged in the following discussions. The event raised awareness about personality disorders and encouraged further interest in the ongoing development of services within the region.